My name is Tina Raffa, it’s nice to meet you!

I’m one of those people who believe everything in life happens for a reason and the reason is to serve you. Some say I look at things with “rose colored glasses” and it’s annoying to be the “glass half full” person all the time. They get frustrated I’m not easily rattled. I wasn’t always this way.

I say the things I say now, purposefully, because the way I see it is we get one shot at life, it’s not a dress rehearsal and there are no do overs.  With our own lives, our children’s lives and the lives of those who matter to us, after much personal pain, introspection and a lot of work, I suddenly realized, life doesn’t stand still, it all goes by in the blink of any eye. Blink and toddlers are teens, teens become young adults, we stay struggling in all areas of our lives because it’s all we know and one day we look in the mirror and “how the hell did I get to be XX years old?!” The point is, life goes by quick, you must grab it and take action and decide. As Abraham Lincoln once said “People are about as happy in life as they make up their minds to be.” 

Well, I WANTED to be happy, I chose (and choose) to be happy and part of that happiness is finding meaning from the pain I went through, the same pain, or worse than, you’re going through now.

Today my life is amazing. It’s certainly not perfect but perfect would be boring. It’s an adventure, a surprise, and far better than I ever dared dream, just a few years ago. It is amazing. 

I’ll give it to you straight. I’m not special. I have two Master’s degrees but I’m no Einstein.  Several years ago someone breathed a bit of hope into me.  They infected me with the “what if” virus“What if your life was amazing?  What if you were sober? What if you could help people, go back to school, travel …what if, what if, what if???

I was “gullible enough” to believe there might be a chance. I was gullible enough, not jaded enough and I still had some small voice inside which cried out, “I want more!”

Someone else, planted this seed in me, they helped nurture and grow it; I did the work, at first baby steps, then growing momentum, bigger steps, strides, a run, measurable, remarkable improvements in all areas of my life.  People saying “Tina, I can’t believe you etcetcetc”. The secret formula was someone else believing in me, convincing me something better was possible, guiding and encouraging me to action. At first almost like a parent guiding a child on a bike after taking off the training wheels, but soon, like all children, I was flying. I just needed to believe something better was possible. It’s what you need to.

If you’re reading this now, we both already know it’s not an accident. It’s the “tag you’re it” moment. Why else would you read this?

Enough already. Tag you’re it. I’m waiting to meet you.


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